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Welcome to my world of Cozmik Photography. I have been an artist my entire life, in just about all mediums, and photography has been a passion of mine since early childhood - anyone with a camera had my undying attention until they handed it over, then I was in my own world clicking away. Finally my dear parents bought me my first camera for my 14th birthday, a heavy Nikon N4004s. That was 3 decades ago.

Since then I picked up "a few" more Nikons along the way, took dozens of courses in college, including The Corcoran & Washington School of Photography in Washington DC in the late 90s.
After almost 7 years of studying Black & White photography, Photojournalism, Graphic Design and Business, I went out into the world with finely tuned skills and an even more finely tuned eye. I've shot it all through the years: people, scenery, architecture, sports, but always felt "fuzzy all over" when shooting music. I was so drawn to the raw emotion of the live performance, the expressions, the energy, the chaos, the passion, the moments when that musician is in front of their audience but forgets they're even there. I love capturing those moments. But this is not all I love to do...

I love being the trusted Story Teller on my couples' special day - ALL LOVE is welcome with me - I love catching the details and fleeting moments that many would miss. I know that my couples will be surprised and in love with the memories I've captured for them forever. All of my life I've enjoyed "watching," and my father taught me patience very early on (though my closest friends would say I didn't learn anything) so as a Photojournalist I completely believe that "watching" for moments is of the utmost importance. I pay homage to the "Old School" of Music Photography and Wedding Photojournalism, when the shots told you an intimate story and sang you a song, when (as a photographer) you spent long but lovely days and nights in the darkroom developing FILM and actually creating photos. So I know the patience, skill and focus it takes to compose the shot before I click the shutter as well as the knowledge and artistry it takes to bring out the best in each capture after the day is done.

My brand, Cozmik Photography sprung to life in 2001, based around my experience meeting a famous UK band frontman in 2000 who called me "Cosmic Girl" after his concert. It stuck with me (literally, it's inked on my left shoulder) and shortly thereafter Cozmik Photography was born.
Now based along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, my career began over 2 decades ago in Washington DC - my hometown - where I have had the honor and pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing couples on their wedding day, numerous recording artists, local businesses and magazines such as The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Relix magazine, OnTap Magazine, the Baltimore Deli, Guitar Player Magazine, Vinyl District and the Freelance Star. I also have just under a dozen album covers to my name for both local and international recording artists. Now I am "bi-coastal" with my new home on the Emerald Coast.

I shoot with a clear standard in mind: to capture moments as pure as possible while bringing my own unique approach to every image. I always deliver my clients' most special memories with my own artistic integrity while still staying true to the moment. Being a true Photographer is, after all, about capturing Life with a strong and intuitive eye, not about how many camera bodies are hanging off me, or how many assistants I have or shots I take hoping for one image to be good. I shot 35mm for over 2 decades, so I know that most of the work should be done BEFORE the shutter is clicked.

- Peter Adams

These words means so much, especially today in the new "climate" of Photography where everyone has the access to online & phone photography tricks & tutorials, the money to buy a nice DSLR or even a very pricey "professional camera" and create a Facebook page and basically charge any amount of money they believe people will pay. You probably have a nice DSLR yourself! I see you all out there with the flash always up and that dial set to "AUTO"'s ok, I'm here for you!

Gear aside (and I have plenty, don't worry) no matter what I shoot with, I treat each and every subject in my lens with equal passion and commitment: whether you're a famous rock star, starting your first band, or celebrating the day you both start your new life together. When you work with me, you get an ARTIST, and as an artist I see every project through from beginning to end. And though I do specialize in Music Photography and Unique Wedding Photography, I bring the same creativity and passion to EVERY shoot. I cater to a very specific client who doesn't want to be shot by another "factory photographer" sent out by some big photo company, and they would never gamble with their most important memories by hiring an inexperienced "fauxtographer" for next to nothing. My clients are also not fooled by big price tags attached to amateur work - they know the value of hiring a professional artist - I provide consistency, experience and artistry at a fair price. You'll never see me on Groupon, but I will happily work with just about any budget because I CARE ABOUT YOUR MEMORIES.

I thank you for taking the time to read my "little" bio and get to know a little about me - you're obviously ready to trust your memories to a Pro Artist. So.... for a smart, fun, talented, formally-educated, insured, skilled professional photographer and lifelong visual artist with a truly unique and intuitive eye, look no further than Cozmik Photography by Erika --> ME.

**Thank you to all my lovely musician friends - you all rock! And to my family and closest friends, who have supported my dreams and loved me unconditionally. Especially my Dad, the Artist, who always told me "sit up straight!!" Love you Dad.

With a special dedication to my dear Mom, who always tilted her voice towards over-enthusiasm and awe at everything I did. Her mommy-bias gave me the attitude that everything I did was awesome and untouchable. Danke Schon liebe Mama.
Viktoria "Doris" Horn
Ich liebe dich.

By an Artist.

© Erika Horn Cozmik Photography LLC
All Rights Reserved

Cozmik Photography by Erika V Horn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.Based on a work at beyond the scope of this license may be available at
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